OOTD: catching the last sun rays.



I was wearing this outfit to IKEA, and when I passed by the mirror, I realized: “Hey, it doesn’t look so bad.” When I got home, it was just at the right time where sun sets; the best portrait timing. So, here we go, a few pictures of what I wore to IKEA. This Larry Levine wool coat is really one of my best purchase, I brought it a year back in New York and have been loving it since, it is just so versatile and beautiful. Maybe not that warm though, but worth the cold. Ripped boyfriend jeans from American Eagle and J.Crew sweater are easy to pull off. The contrast of the Aldo blue bag and the red coat instantly brighten up the dullness of the casual pairing. the fur scarf was from my mom, confession: it is real fur, which I do not encourage in anyway! All my other fur items are fake and no one could tell the difference, so much cheaper for the same amount of chic.



Items: Similar jeans here, Sruart Weitzman flats here, Dior Sunglasses different color here, Larry Levine coat here

Outfit of the day @ Byward Market Ottawa


Taking a break from the long busy week, me and a few friends went all the way to Ottawa for… you won’t believe this. Popeye fried chicken! Well, we just needed some fresh air. Anyway, the outfit was nothing out of the ordinary, casual and affordable involving a few of my most worn items this season. The combination of dark grey turtle neck sweater and faux-leather pants along with the pointy booties made my look a little secret agentish; so I wore the long sloppy Tommy Hifiger cardigan and my grey Zara wool coat to make it more fun. The blue little Aldo bag was very cheap, I got it on sale for 25$ and yet, it has been my most complimented item in the closet. The size and the color were just right. Although I did the most stupid thing that a fashion blogger could EVER do, which is forgetting my camera, the photos turned out okay. With a little help of the trusty Photoshop, hopefully, they won’t hurt your eyes.




Ottawa 4

Although most of the items were no longer on the site, I found: Similar wool Coat here, different color cardigan here,  similar sweater here, pants here, shoes here.