“V line botox” the popular idea of microsurgical cosmetic surgery


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The idea of injection wasn’t new, but using botox to slim the jaw line isn’t as popular in North America as it is in Asia. The idea of doing minor changes on the face through injections is very popular in Asia. It is a low risk way to change your appearance; the results are not permanent. I had my first injection a month ago, here is a before and after photo:


To answer all you who may have questions; Yes, botox can be use to minimize the appearance of your face. It is done so by shrinking the size of the masseter (the muscle for chewing foods), thus resulting in a V line shaped face. The material used is the A type botulinum toxin, Botox is only the most popular American brand of botulinum toxin. It is the same type as the Botox that reduces wrinkles. The result isn’t permanent, nor accumulative; however, many say that when you do your second injection 3 months after, it will actually further shrink down the size of the muscle that is already smaller; and after injected 3 to 4 times, your face would be permanently slimmer.


1. The price

Depending on the brand of toxin, the price could vary, but it is measured in Unit. The most popular brands being  Botox and Dysport.It is the same price as the regular Botox. Usually around 10$ -15 $ per Unit. For the size of my muscle, I have injected 60 units to attain the result. It is apparently cheaper in Asia, but I have used the Botox brand and paid for 10 $ a unit (600$ in total.)

2. The pain

For a minor surgery like this, there is no need of anesthesia. My left side of the face was injected 5 times for 25 units, and my right side 7 for 35 units ( cause my right side is bigger than the left). The nurse was well experienced, the whole process took 10 minutes, it was done in a flash. The pain was just like a regular injection, which I would rate for 2- 3 on a scale of 10.

3.The risk

The risk of Botox really depends on who performed the injection. It is important that the needle gets in right on your chewing muscle. MAKE SURE that your surgeon asks you to bite your back teeth together and correctly locate the muscle right before the injection.  When it’s done properly using the right product, the risk is minimal. When injected on to the other places of your face, other muscles may shrink and making your face disproportionate for up to 6 months. The result lasts for up to 6 months, but I have been told to go do my second injection in the 3rd or 4th month to obtain an accumulative result.

4. How to know if you should do it?

The injection will work on anyone who’s chewing muscle is strong and big till a point it increased the appearance of your lower 1/3 part of the face. The only way to see if V-line injection would work for you is to make the action of chewing, and see if your chewing muscle sticks out when you chew, it should feel rock hard when you touch it. The stronger your muscle is, the better result you will obtain.

My thoughts:

From the picture you can see that from the side, my jawline has been significantly smoother.  I could feel my muscle being smaller and when I chew, I can no longer see it sticking out on my cheeks. However, when looking in front, the result isn’t very apparent, especially from far. Some people who do not know that I had the injection, did not remark a significant small face, but some have asked me if I’ve lost weight.


I’ve heard that the first injection has little impact, but the second and third ones will make the face much smaller; because at the time of the second injection(in the third month), the chewing muscle is already smaller to start with, so it will further shrink. So far, I know that my jawline has been slimmer but the size of my face is pretty much the same. I will definitely keep trying, but if after the 3 rd injection, the result remains the same I will stop. I do think it is expensive to keep the result and will probably stop after the 3rd to 4th time even if the result won’t be permanent. I do have a relatively small jaw to start with, but anyone with a different face shape may get a very different result.

Disclaimer: I am not encouraging anyone to do cosmetic surgery, nor was I feeling insecure about myself, I did it because I felt that a smaller face would better suit my feature; it was okay for me to try it and I do have a little extra money to spend on it. By all means, it clearly won’t suit everyone, and please always consult your doctor before doing it.

Take care

XO from Claire