From Runway to Highstreet: trends that you should look forward for spring.

spring 2016 rtw-1

Although the weather is still cold in most places, the spring 2016 ready to wear already came in style. Right off the runway, here’s a few trends that you should expect to see all around. Get it before all the girls in your neighborhood own it! After all, part of the fashion is about who gets it first.

1. EVERY shades of Green (especially Olive)
The two pastel Colours of the year seem to get very little attention, it’s no surprise that after few years of its peak, people finally understand that although pleasing to the eyes, pastels aren’t easy to pull off. From Military jackets to Elizabeth Taylor’s earrings, green is a much more versatile color. Not only its huge on the Runway, its becoming more and more popular around us.¬† Well, Parkas are coming back in trend again, olive jackets are seen everywhere. Have an item in mind? Get it in Green! Any shade!


Celine 2016 Spring RTW

2.Ivory and All WHITE

Real excitement for one of my favorite trend to be continuing this year.¬† Words aren’t enough for classic nude colours that go well with everything. Chic and timeless, definitely something you should try.


Hood by Air 2016 Spring RTW

3. More subtle floral prints

Here it comes the never ending floral trend. But I think it will come in much subtler ways, such as small area prints or seamless embroidery that blend the freshness of spring into the weightless fabrics.


Gucci 2016 Spring RTW


Alexander McQueen 2016 Spring RTW

4. Unisex items

Well, you might say that many designers are bringing sexy back on the runway, but Is sexy ever out on the high street? I’m not talking about boxer jackets and combat boots, but wearing clothes that men would wear, not unisex items from American Apparel but real men’s wear like humongous blazer and navy argyle sweater. The trend was further accentuated in the per-fall adverts.


Vetement 2016 spring RTW

5. Vetement
If you are a regular fashion blogger stalker (I confess), you should probably see the brand somewhere at least. I’m not sure the brand went viral before shown by fashionistas or did they became a hit after everyone started wearing it. It is fair to say that the highly appreciated¬† brand is bringing the cool back (originally said by Sarah Mower on


Vetement 2016 Spring RTW

The problem with ready to wear or Pre-Fall is that the designer’s aesthetics may conflict with what might actually sell. It’s great that they always find the perfect combination of both. The show remained us once more, that fabrics can be managed in infinite ways to be sexy, strong, cool… Which gives everyone a fitted position in this awesome, sometimes scary but marvelous world of fashion.

XO from Claire

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